Thailand Diary: Explorer Style

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This is my go to outfit for exploring a new city, travelling (paired with jeans instead of short shorts) and all round casual living – You really can’t go wrong with a pair of denim shorts, baggy t-shirt, converses and a pashmina for when the chill creeps in!

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Can you believe how tanned I’ve gotten? It is all that fabulous sunshine!
things to do in pattaya, nong nuch gardens,IMG_9045

The shirt is so comfortable and (I think) quite chic (blasphemy!) that I have it in every colour I came across in Topshop, the first being the black and white version in this lookbook. So naturally, it was the first thing I reached for when I knew we’d be spending the day running around Nong Nuit Tropical Gardens in Pattaya, Thailand. My converses are also indispensible for a long day of walking! I got them in leather so I don’t worry about getting them dirty, a quick wipe and I’m good to go!

I mean, you have to be fully prepared for a day of riding tuk tuks…
IMG_0238Chilling with Dumbo… IMG_0228IMG_0227 Reaching new heights… IMG_0245 Or hanging with lady boys! IMG_0298IMG_0295



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