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The four months I lived in Paris were wonderful and returning to the city never gets old. I remember the relaxing feeling of crossing the river Sienne, nearly every morning on my way to French school. So, since my hotel was close

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Paris, like any other beautiful city, is one of those places that is harder to appreciate while navigating through throngs of people during fashion week. Luckily, I got a chance to go to the city for work two weeks before

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September 4, 2014

Back in Youtube Land!

You may already know this if you follow me on youtube, but I tentatively tip toed back into the online video world a couple of days ago, and I explained my reason for being MIA in the above video! One

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Most people in Dubai tend to hibernate in air conditioning in the summer, so it is very easy to forget that you actually live in the desert sometimes! However, I had a stark reminder when I went for brunch at the Westin

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Shoreditch is one of those places in London that seems to be equally appreciated and vilified for its uniqueness and trendiness. I personally love the area, it has awesome restaurants and bars like Barrio East, it is great for vintage

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