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Bali, Uluwatu temple

I had ear marked my second day in Bali for sightseeing and culture especially as I wanted to tick off a few items on my “things to do in Bali” list. Reading Jessica (Tuulavintage) and Brooke’s (worldofwanderlust) blogs had me salivating at

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April 12, 2015

Bali Travel Diary – Introduction to my Travel Vlogs

Ahh Bali, the “Island of the gods”, the place where photos alone are a disservice to the beauty of that magical place! So, I recorded videos, lots of them, which I have been editing into a travel diary. The first

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Bali Resort, Bali Travel Tips, Bali, Indonesia

Have you ever been somewhere which made you feel immediately relaxed? That was Desa Seni for me. As soon as we stepped over the footbridge and walked into the lush greenery, I was in love! After 7 days of the

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Bali Travel Tips

So I resisted Bali as a destination for my first experience as a solo traveller because I was a bit put off by the Eat, Pray, Love cliche. Although I haven’t seen the movie, I knew enough about the ‘self

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Bulabog beach, wind surfing

The first words that escaped me when we stepped onto Bulabog beach were “Oh my Gaddddd!”. I had never seen anything like it, Kite surfing men and women flying high in the sky in one of the windiest places I have

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