Blog Love: The4acesdate – Abby,Cookie, Kaven and Ozzy

 photo 1-1_zpsbc8bd9cc.jpg photo the4acesdate_zps54f633c6.jpg photo 1yqr9x_zps05db48c3.jpg photo 14343zb_zps9eed4411.jpg I remember when my friend rang me about 2 years ago and asked if I’d seen the blog of some “FABULOUS” girl called Abby, I hopped on over to Abby’s blog (link) and spent the next few minutes admiring her posts cooing on the phone over her style. 
 Then hold up… 
 She posts a link to a blog she shares with three other girls Cookie, Kaven and Ozzy – and that was it ladies and gents, my evening was a wrap! I had found new style and beauty crushes, and have been hooked ever since!
   photo 2vbn9fr_zpsfcfb6462.jpgKaven and Cookie photo DSC_0953-001-1_zpse2702edc.jpgOzzy and Abby 
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 The4acesdate are a foursome of Nigerian beauties (YAY!) whose blog is akin to a fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazine. They cover a range of topics, from their fabulous personal style to fitness and to reader submissions like the “how I met him” series – another one of my guilty pleasures (I’m as nosy as I am a romantic!).
 Importantly, the ladies have DEPTH and are savvy entrepreneurs! Abby runs catherinemarion, a clothing line and hair extensions company, while Kaven, Cookie and Ozzy are behind the Kingdom luxury t-shirt line worn by celebrities and top bloggers alike. I looooooooove the Kingdom concept, its inspired by the girls’ Edo heritage and the juxtaposition of culture with style and luxury is a fresh take on the casual t-shirt. 
 Feast your eyes on the4aces below, I dare you not to fall in LOVE!
  photo DSC01630_zps3b4d2ef5.jpg
 photo 148iurl_zpsfc22b960.jpg photo DSC_1440-1_zpsc5d6a26e.jpg photo 2iux2bl_zps4ba7d41d.jpg photo 2mcgcnc_zps1b8de25c.jpg photo 2126j7_zpsd44943f2.jpgKingdom T-shirts (link) photo carousel-item-1_zps208a6af1.jpg photo carousel-item-4_zps60824a8f.jpg Catherine Marion clothing (link)

Ohh and look who recently became their beauty and fashion contributor?
 ME! :-) 
So excited to be a contributor to their amazingness! Don’t forget to check them out –
 photo 487440_477264535660189_1368343438_n_zps105f8eeb.jpg


  1. March 26, 2013 / 9:38 am

    Yay!Im so happy you becamee the new 4aces fashion contribuiter! Can’t wait to see hoe everything unfolds ^-^!

  2. March 27, 2013 / 5:43 pm

    Thanks so much dear! The 4 of us really appreciate it!!So excited to have you with us! x

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