Hotel Tour – Jumeirah at Etihad Towers, Abu Dhabi

jumeirah etihad tower, abu dhabi, travel, best hotels in abu dhabi,So I’ve decided that every time I set foot in a hotel that is remarkable, I will blog about it! The most recent of such hotels was Jumeirah at Etihad Towers, Abu Dhabi. We had a bank holiday in Dubai and my friend and I really wanted a mini break so we found a nice deal for the hotel on and decided to drive down for an overnight luxurious treat.

Our friends had stayed there previously and gave really good feedback so we were keen to try the hotel out, and here are the top three things I loved about it, in order of priority.

1: The viewsheikh zayed grand mosque, emirates palace
Nearly floor to ceiling views of the best parts of Abu Dhabi from every window in our room and in the hallway. It was also just as beautiful at night.abu dhabitravel, abu dhabi,

2: The free standing bath – I have a thing for those, and cant wait to have one of my own when I’m older!Jumeirah Eithad Towers, Abu Dhabi, travel blogger, uaeHotel review, abu dhabi, use travel blog, Followed closely by this little guy in the bath Luxury hotelIMG_7982Yes, I’m a bit of a big kid IMG_8011The rest of the bathroom IMG_7975IMG_7979IMG_7977view from the bath tub IMG_8013 3.The Beds! 

Very soft bedding draped in what I believe to be a jacquard throw, I almost didn’t want them to dress down the bed when it was time to sleep! IMG_7957IMG_7968IMG_7966 Other bits: IMG_8025IMG_8023IMG_8027IMG_8016Reception area IMG_8033IMG_8042IMG_8044 The lobby area also had a really nice ambience, and featured a restaurant called ‘Lobby Lounge Restaurant‘, we didn’t get to sample anything on offer as surprisingly we actually hadn’t noticed it on our way in even though it takes up most of the reception area! Sadly, we didn’t have enough time for lunch post checkout as we had nearly two hours to drive back to Dubai… maybe next time! Lobby lounge restaurant abu dhabi

In all, we both enjoyed the hotel, and had no complaints other than the fact that the hotel does not have a spa for general guest use. The spa was beautiful and had individual rooms with a sauna in each, however, this means that you were not able to just walk in – you either have to have a massage treatment booked or ask for permission to use the rooms out of peak time. This did not end up being a problem for us because one of the rooms was available when we went down so we were able to enjoy our private self applied treatments haha!

Although it was excellent having the rooms to ourselves (the individual spa suites are awesome!), we were just conscious of being kicked out if someone with a reservation walked in! So there is a point to note! Other than that, the Jumeirah at Etihad Towers hotel comes with a big Adele thumbs up!

I’m off to Istanbbul next week, so please let me know if you enjoy these hotel reviews/tours and I’ll be sure to do another one!



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