Bulabog Beach – A Kite surfer’s dream

Bulabog beach, wind surfing

Bulabog beach, kite surfing, boracay island, travel blogger

Bulabog beach, kite surfing beaches, windsurfing philippines

wind surfing philippines, wind surfing,

The first words that escaped me when we stepped onto Bulabog beach were “Oh my Gaddddd!”. I had never seen anything like it, Kite surfing men and women flying high in the sky in one of the windiest places I have ever been to in my life!  Bulabog beach is on the opposite side of white beach but it might as well be on the other side of the world as the two beaches could not be any more different!

kite surfing in Boracay, kite surfing in the philippines, wind surfing, travel blog



My friend is a keen wind surfer and he said Bulabong beach is his “bucket list destination for wind surfing”. I would say at least 90% of the people on that beach were either Kite surfers or people interested in the sport like me. It was fascinating. I did notice that not that there were hardly any swimmers for the obvious reason that there were at least 50 kite surfers swanning around. However, I note that tripadvisor reviewers also say there is loads of debris in the water and it can be a bit filthy so its probably not the place to go if you fancy a leisurely swim! I didnt see any of that though, the beach looked great to me and my cousin who decided to do her usual impromptu photoshoots!





We spent what felt like ages watching the wind surfers enviously while clutching our caipirinhas from a bar on the beach. There were hardly any hawkers in sight, just locals and surfers, I loved it! I came away thinking I definitely want to try this sport this year but I guess I need to improve my swimming first :-( Thank goodness I live in Dubai where I can possibly make this dream a reality on kite beach, wish me luck!



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