Beyonce Blow Makeup Tutorial

Beyonce, Makeup look tutorialOne of the highlights of my week was the release of Beyonce’s latest album and as I watched the visuals, I was taken by the variety and beauty of the makeup looks in the videos! One of my favorites is this look from the Blow video. Now, I am not a makeup artist, and I usually don’t play around with this many colours on my face, but I was completely inspired and just had to attempt my own! How did I do? Video tutorial at the end of the post! beyonce blow video makeup, blue eyeshadow tutorial6Beyonce makeup look, led lips, blue eyeshadow tutorial I messed up a little and got the lip gloss on my teeth, left in for comedic effect but I’m pretty sure you can skip that step for your version! Beyonce makeup look Tutorial – – don’t forget to subscribe!


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